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May 09 2023
Zhaoshanchen staff family day
The annoying epidemic has finally eased! In order to reward hardworking employees and enhance the relationship between colleagues in various units, the "Jidou Village Farm Family Day" was held on 2023/05/06.

On the day of the event, the employees brought their families to experience various rural life together. The spring breeze was blowing, the sky was clear and the sky was cool, and the temperature was just right. Everyone experienced activities such as kiln control, freshly picked green vegetables, flirting with flowers and plants, etc., of course. There is also the earth game that everyone likes, no matter men, women, old or young, they are all passionate about it. In addition to the busy work on weekdays, it is even more important to relax. Through the holding of the event, the employees of Zhaoshanchen have gathered together. In addition to being good partners who fight side by side at work, everyone is a more lively and lovely family!