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Core Value

Quality is the belief
Brand is an eternal responsibility

Taiwan is located at the junction of the Eurasian plate, and the earthquake frequency is high. JSC anti-seismic shock absorber, all-round shock design, under the condition of 16,000KG load, the horizontal direction can reach 1G, and the vertical direction can reach 0.5G. It is equivalent to being able to withstand strong earthquakes with a magnitude of 7 or above, which can avoid damage to equipment caused by displacement caused by earthquakes.

The innovation of production technology is the direction of JSC's continuous efforts, such as the construction of automated production lines, strict standardized quality inspection process, from incoming material inspection and in-process inspection to performance testing of various products, etc., all with high standards The quality standard.

All members of JSC have the basic attitude of sticking to their positions, pursuing excellence, and striving for perfection. They do their best in every task and pursue the attitude of "100% customer satisfaction". This is the principle of "quality is persistence" The most concrete practice of beliefs.